Throughout 2020 we have all had our ups and downs, with having to change our home lives, business and we have all fault the toll lockdown has taken on our lives. We have lost so many due to Covid-19 and other illnesses and again we must take a second to look back at the people who this terrible disease has taken, some very close to our hearts.
Over the past couple of days we have lost a close Friend to Firwood Bootle Cricket Club Dave Davies, who passed away at the wonderful age of 78.
Dave was a quiet man, who followed our club home and away since his retirement he made many friends at the Club over the years.
Dave played cricket himself in the 1960s for his work team and has had a life long love for the game.
We all send our deepest sympathy to David’s Family, he will be sadly missed by all of his friends at the Club.
Dave’s funeral is on Thursday 4th February at 2.40pm at Anfield crematorium.
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